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4 minutes ago by neonihil

It comes on fedora servers by default. I’ve been using it for the last 3 years on my home servers. I’ve also installed it on armbian running on my *Pi devices.

It works just fine in my experience. I’ve configured mdraid with it for fun - and it worked. Ditched it in favour of Zfs which is not yet supported unfortunately.

I think it’s a good direction. It will become the default “GUI” for server maintenance I think.

8 hours ago by Naac

I set it up for my handrolled homelab server automation ( all Arch Linux servers ), back when I was doing everything with virsh.

It worked "ok". It required pulling in a bunch of dependencies I wouldn't have normally installed. I had it set up behind an HAproxy LB, with ssl terminated at the LB. When I was using it ~1 year ago, it was pretty buggy, and certain components would crash and I would have to restart the web page.

Overall it was a mediocre experience, but I suppose better than having to ssh into every server. The main pain point was that I still had to go in to every server, and install cockpit.

In the end, I ended up just moving on to Proxmox. But I suppose cockpit is nice if you don't want a centrally managed cluster, but still want a web interface.

2 minutes ago by circularfoyers

Considering Cockpit is neither supported nor tested on Arch Linux[1], I think forming an opinion of it based on that would be unfair.

[1] https://cockpit-project.org/running.html

an hour ago by warmwaffles

Glad I am not the only insane person running Arch for their homelab stuff.

6 hours ago by luplex

Is there a reason why successfully running software on a server is so much harder than running software on your phone?

I don't think it needs to be this way. Someone needs to figure out server software for consumers.

Just like PCs became more accessible, so should servers!

Edit: Brainstorming here: specifically, I'd like a more accessible UI, automatic updates, sensible defaults on all apps, an easier way to get started and so on.

6 hours ago by gramakri

This is exactly what we do :) check out our demo at https://cloudron.io. Another user commented there is no market for this, but this is not true since we exist and are doing well. Its a niche but this is expected since this is a developing market.

3 hours ago by filmgirlcw

Just wanted to pop in and say that Cloudron is excellent and I really, really love it. I discovered it a few years ago and it's just fantastic.

CapRover is excellent too but of all the various tooling I've tried over the years, Cloudron is hands-down the most polished option I've seen/used!

5 hours ago by nic-waller

I started using Cloudron recently and I really like it! I came to this thread to mention it, but I see you're already here.

6 hours ago by kbenson

Because managing the correct way to handle downtime and how to respond to problems is vastly different when serving one person that will generally be actively using the device less than half the time of the day or far less, and serving thousands or millions of people using it such that at any one moment multiple people might be actively using it.

> Edit: Brainstorming here: specifically, I'd like a more accessible UI, automatic updates, sensible defaults on all apps, an easier way to get started and so on.

To some degree, that's sort of like saying "I can drive a car, and cards are simple, why isn't driving an 18-wheeler truck as simple, or a cargo ship, or a cargo plane? I don't see why it has to be more complicated than a car."

6 hours ago by StillBored

Well... I think the common consensus is that servers and automatic updates don't go together. For the most part you don't want your server deciding to upgrade its database/etc at random times.

Similarly for the "accessible UI" bits, particularly if your managing more than a single server and you want to say upgrade a few thousand of them at the same time.

In both cases its pretty "easy" to configure a more server mgmt related tool to do those operations (hence cockpit! or anisible GUIs/etc). If you looking for a more android level of software mgmt then its pretty easy to install the desktop tooling on something like fedora server that comes with fedora workstation. With that you get nice app stores layered on top of both the traditional dnf/rpm package mgmt as well as flatpak and various other container technologies. For a single home/etc server, just install something like fedora server, and group install one of the desktop/etc profiles during setup (or later if it suits you).

2 hours ago by ocdtrekkie

Cloudron.io and Sandstorm.io both do this well. (Cloudron is very actively maintained with a lot of package updates and a very wide package library and feature set, Sandstorm is open source and adds a layer of security in assuming apps are evil or compromised.)

I do think there's probably a good market for a "just plug it into the back of your router" box that has one of these pre-installed and ready to go.

Windows Home Server used to be an attempt by Microsoft to make a home server accessible to the average user crowd. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't feel consumers (or businesses, if we're being honest) should have on-premise servers anymore, and has deprecated both Home Server and Small Business Server, and the UI features that made them more accessible to the layman.

5 hours ago by js4ever

Shameless plug,I made a lightweight real time monitoring tools using websockets, it's open source: https://github.com/elestio/ws-monitoring/ Contributions are welcome :)

10 hours ago by java-man

Would anyone be interested in a desktop application with similar functionality, accessing [multiple] hosts via SSH?

9 hours ago by codetrotter

Depends. Open source or proprietary? Actually desktop or just electron? Are you going to maintain it? What use cases would it be intended for? Would the client software be available for macOS? Which GUI framework(s) would you be using?

9 hours ago by java-man

proprietary, cross-platform desktop linux/mac/windows, javafx.

use cases: server management and monitoring, log viewer, ssh terminals, parallel execution of commands, vnc, sftp, secure storage of credentials and keys.

[0] https://github.com/andy-goryachev/AccessPanelPublic

8 hours ago by indigodaddy

This is very cool actually.. neat idea! And this just uses ssh protocol for all communication? Nothing needs to be installed server-side right?

8 hours ago by teejmya

https://www.royalapps.com/ does this. I'm a happy paying user of RoyalTS.

8 hours ago by indigodaddy

I don’t think just an ssh client is exactly what he is going for/talking about. Check out the GitHub he references further on down in this thread.

9 hours ago by cheph

Actually no, the web interface is really slick. I would not install a desktop app for it even if there was one.

9 hours ago by java-man

you do need to install cockpit on [all] your server[s], right?

i am trying to figure out if there is a business case for a desktop app. there is plenty of open source and commercial systems more or less similar to cockpit, and it's hard to compete with free

8 hours ago by johnchristopher

I don't like having to install cockpit on every instance/devices. That means I have to keep all of them up to date in addition of installing them and configuring the devices to make it operable.

I'd rather have a client-only app that connect through ssh and get its data from standard binaries installed on the server.

So, yes. I'd give that a try.

9 hours ago by dang

If curious see also

Cockpit – Administer Linux servers via a web browser - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16445612 - Feb 2018 (148 comments)

7 hours ago by INTPenis

They're making great progress, it works and I have a friend who otherwise doesn't work in Linux happily use it on his homelab server.

For anyone experienced it's probably just a hinderance.

9 hours ago by reidjs

I installed on one of my ubuntu servers and allowed port 9090, but when I try accessing it from chrome it gives me a warning page

"You cannot (IP) right now because the website sent scrambled credentials that Google Chrome cannot process."

Is this because I run a NGINX server from that box?

9 hours ago by pmontra

Do you have an expired self signed certificate on that server? See https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/10551759?hl=en

8 hours ago by walrus01

sounds like a TLS cert error related to a 'snakeoil' self signed cert or something

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