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3 months ago by tndata

Awesome blog posts! I also posted about how I built my own hardware development kit at https://nestenius.se/2022/01/18/how-i-built-my-own-sega-mega...

3 months ago by skywal_l

Nice write-up. I'll be interested in the sound subsystem. Seems to be the hardest part to get right on these kind of project.

3 months ago by fredoralive

I'd guess it's because emulating the FM synthesiser part of the Mega Drive sound system is hard to get right.

3 months ago by 300bps

The person who did this and the other projects on that site is pretty amazing. There is no “About Me” page which is surprising!

3 months ago by robobro

it's ;-)

Great info in the article though. Looking forward to Part II. I don't know anything about emulating, so this is a fun ride. I'm enjoying your code snippets

3 months ago by sdefresne
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