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Building the Future of Marketing AnalyticsMarch 16, 2023

Innovation takes center stage as Google and BMO convene to share expertise and insights on the future of marketing. Driven by our teams' shared passion for innovation, this collaboration promises to deliver unique strategies and solutions that sets the bar high for the industry.

Photo from the competition, TorontoPhoto from the competition, TorontoPhoto from the competition, Toronto
Convolutional Neural Networks for Sustainable AgricultureMarch 11, 2023

This notebook demonstrates how I trained an ensemble ConvNet for image classification on the iCassava 2019 dataset. The project aims to create a powerful model to support sustainable agriculture and help secure the future of farming in Tanzania.

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January, 2023

January, 2022

July, 2021

TensorFlow on AI Platform for training and model serving July 22, 2021

Implemented an end-to-end solution for building a Tensorflow training application, running on a single worker instance in the cloud and deploying the model to support requests for online predictions on AI platform.

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Transforming Education with Open Resources and Shared MapsJuly 14, 2021

My video submission to the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning at York University reimagines education by harnessing the power of open resources that can be easily shared and integrated into lessons, providing learners a visual and interactive way to explore topics and ideas

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June, 2021

Exploring the Global Reach of Bilingualism on Twitter: A Geographic Visualization StudyJune 05, 2021

This research project examines the language use and connections of bilingual Twitter users. Using a network analysis approach, the study explores the connections between bilingual Twitter communities, focusing on users who tweet in mutliple languages. The research also includes a geographic visualization component, mapping the locations of bilingual Twitter communities.

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May, 2021

Building a Clustering Model for Deeper Market Segmentation Insights using BigQuery MLMay 17, 2021

This notebook demonstrates how I built a model that can segment a target market into groups based on shared characteristics, allowing businesses to tailor their marketing strategies and messaging for each group. The project aims to provide actionable insights for businesses looking to optimize their marketing approach and maximize their ROI.

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Timing is Everything: A Notebook Analysis of Frequent Patterns and Optimization Opportunities to Maximize Advertising ImpactMay 16, 2021

This notebook utilizes data analysis techniques to identify the most effective times for advertising, uncovering frequent patterns and optimization opportunities for maximum impact. By examining user engagement and behavior trends, the notebook provides valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing advertising timing strategies.

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December, 2020

CreateDAV Public Seminar SeriesDecember 16, 2020

As part of the NSERC CREATE Training Program, I attended the public seminar delivered by postdoctoral trainee, (and former undergraduate teaching assistant) Amin Omidvar where he spoke about how to design the last layer of a neural network for various supervised machine learning tasks.

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July, 2020

AWS Africa region virtual dayJuly 9, 2020

I attended the AWS Africa region virtual day, where Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com, and Michael Kogeler, Sub-Saharan Africa General Manager, spoke about the AWS Africa Region, customers and partners in the market.

Following the keynote, I participated in 4 breakout sessions within the technical track which covered building advanced architectures and modern app development with the cloud.

Open Source Contribution: Maps4ResourcesJuly 4, 2020

As part of the 76 projects funded by the Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) at York University, I adapted UPenn's open source flask application to display location-based open educational resources on a map.

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April, 2020

KPMG Virtual InternshipApril 25, 2020

I virtually completed my internship with KPMG's data analytics consulting group. As part of the internship program, I worked with a business client to complete data quality assessments, conduct research in knowledge mining, prepare visualization dashboards, and presentations.

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March, 2020

January, 2020

Social Network AnalysisJanuary 29, 2020

I conducted a social network analysis to understand the structural properties of networks on twitter. I used tweepy to test and integrate with twitter’s REST and Streaming APIs.

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First Place Award: Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST)January 7, 2020

I particiapted in the BEST Startup experience sponsored by Rogers, IBM, and KPM Power. My team developed and presented our comprehensive business plan that focused on promoting mental wellness and unlocking the full potential of students through an innovative and intuitive application. Our winning idea involves an app acting as a dashboard that integrates students’ school, work, and social needs. This experience provided an invaluable opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Read more about the competition.

Photo from the competition, TorontoPhoto from the competition, TorontoPhoto from the competition, TorontoPhoto from the competition, Toronto
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