My favorite tools and software. icon

Add a little bit of extra privacy to your internet browsing.

Apollo icon


The best 3rd party Reddit app on the App Store.

Cypress icon


Cypress makes it really easy to automate website testing.

Open Source
Dependabot icon


Dependabot keeps all of my project dependencies up to date every week, saving me time and frustration.

Descript icon


Convert your lectures into fully fledged essays. Thank me later

Fathom icon


My favorite analytics tool for my personal site and side projects. Fathom is fast, easy to use, and privacy-first.

Feather Icons icon

Feather Icons

A gorgeous open source icon set – easily grab SVGs, or integrate it directly into your React project.

IndieOpen Source
Ghost icon


A simple writing surface with API access to my content.

IndieOpen Source
GitHub Mobile icon

GitHub Mobile

I use GitHub Mobile to keep up with my work and side projects.

Gumroad icon


If you are a creator and want to sell something online, Gumroad will have you up and earning in minutes.

iStat Menus icon

iStat Menus

The best way to know what’s happening inside my computer at all times.

Next.js icon


The best way to build modern React websites.

Open Source
Outlook for iOS icon

Outlook for iOS

The best mail and calendar combination app on the App Store.

Postmark icon


A simple, but powerful, tool for sending transactional emails.

Tailwind CSS icon

Tailwind CSS

A compositional CSS framework that makes styling websites easy. It’s like writing CSS on steroids.

IndieOpen Source
Things icon


Things is my second brain. It’s the gold standard of software design: fast, fun, easy to use, beautiful, with a complete cross-device story.

Vercel icon


Everything I make on the internet lives on Vercel. Vercel is the gold standard of developer tools.

About these links

I only recommend apps and tools that I use frequently and think are excellent. Nobody is paying to be on this list.

However, some of the links above are affiliate links. Any affiliate income earned goes straight back into powering this website and my other side projects: servers, storage, domain names, and other operational costs.

❤️ Paul


My stack is a curated list of tools and software that I use regularly. In general, less is more. But I’m always interested in discovering great new apps and tools – let me know what I should check out.