Paul is a professional cloud architect on the Google Cloud Platform, designing and building data intensive architectures for deploying resilient, highly scalable and fault tolerant big data workloads.

Previously, he worked as a graduate research assistant at York University where he conducted research and built big data applications for graph data mining in social networks . His research was primarily motivated by the need to accurately discover interesting patterns from large data files over 60TB.

You can find him on GitHub where he is building in the open, or on LinkedIn for professional networking.


Thoughts, stories and ideas.

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

The difference and why it matters by Richard P. Rumelt > A good strategy has an essential logical structure called the Kernel. The kernel of a strategy contains three elements: 1. a diagnosis, 2. a guiding policy, 3. a coherent action. * The guiding policy specifies the approach to dealing with the obstacles called out in the diagnosis. It does not define the details, but serves like a sign-post for directions * Coherent actions are feasible coordinated policies, resource comm

Updated 6 days ago

Creating a ranking dashboard of influential accounts in twitter communities

Creating a ranking dashboard of influential accounts in twitter communities using Neo4j, Apache Spark and RabbitMQ

Updated 8 months ago

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

Personal notes on questions and lessons learnt from Peter Thiel's Zero to One

Updated 11 months ago

The search for a core problem

The search for a core problem is crucial. It concretely determines why your company exist.

Updated 11 months ago

Data Science for Platform Design and User Engagement

Part 1: The need for data driven insights to inform product design at PoleFLS

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Open source work

paulowe / paulowe

The code that powers this website you’re looking at.

paulowe / influence-max-gpp

A graph processing platform to create a ranking dashboard of influential Twitter profiles.

paulowe / maps4resources

A flask application for visualizing spreadsheets on a map.

paulowe / twint

An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python.

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